The Ancient Estate of Nea

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Olive J. Samuel
48 Pages | over 25 b/w illustrations


The ancient estate of Nea was situated 1 mile from Chewton (now Highcliffe) and ‘3 miles from Christchurch, Twyneham, in the County of Southampton’. In the year 1603 when James VI of Scotland became James I of Great Britain, the estate of Nea or ‘Ney’ paid 6 pence in ‘month money’. This was paid by manors within and outside the boundary of the New Forest so that cattle could pasture during the ‘fence month’ when deer were expected to fawn 2 weeks each side of Midsummer Day.
The estate was in the possession of Jacob Banks of Milton Abbas when it was sold to Charles Brander in 1728. ‘Several tenements, closes, pieces and parcels of land within the Homage of Bure, in the Manor of Somerford, in the Parish of Christchurch Twynham, granted several copies of Court Roll by Jacob Banks to Charles Brander, Gent’. At that time there were 4 acres of meadow lying near Nea House.
Charles Brander Esquire (1681-1745) was a merchant from London whose family had originated from Sweden. He spent the latter years of his life at Nea House and was buried in the South Choir Aisle in Christchurch Priory. Charles Brander was the father of the perhaps more famous Gustavus Brander who, amongst other things, built Priory House. Land was conveyed to the Earl of Bute of ‘High Cliff’ in 1782 by Charles Brander’s eldest son, Charles.
John Covert was termed as ‘of Nea House’ in 1803 and also in 1809 when he built nearby Hubborne House.

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